Sunday, March 2, 2008

01 Mar 08

Well, the added day of February helped, but March is here with springtime not far behind. We are really starting to feel the timeline pressure more and more. Hunt and I put down a layer of chopped strand mat on the nose and tail by lunchtime, at which point Ben and Zac showed up. Ben, Zac, and I proceeded to put down a layer of fabmat over the entire master mold all the way up until 648pm, at which time we changed clothes at Clark Kent speed and rushed off to Greensboro. Caroline had a fashion show there tonight, and no one was going to be late for that. Ben, Zac, Aaron, Luke, Christina, Kendal, and I all made it to the show about 30sec before it started, which was worth a couple air bubbles we had to leave in our final fiberglass laminate. We went bowling after, and the whole crew was in pretty high spirits. Luke is on spring break next week and will be able to help all 5 days, so we look forward to having a big week.

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