Thursday, March 27, 2008

27 Mar 08

Ben and I hung the 2 front wheels on the wall first thing this morning. When Zac and Aaron got here, the 3 of us started to move the giant veneer stack in the back corner of the blue room. Since yesterday's organization of the mold storage building went so well, we had plenty of room to work. We moved veneer like madmen until about 11:00 and began cleaning out the recently cleared space for our new lathe. The guys went to Hardee's and brought back lunch for everyone. Nice. Luke arrived after lunch, and he and I went to work trimming windows. He also made a Home Depot run for us to get a light fixture and a bunch of Sakrete. Ben worked on trimming the stiffeners down on the body mold, and Aaron and Zac dug holes under the new building to support weight. When Ben finished, he came in and helped Luke and me. We knocked out the first stage of the window trimming, and Aaron and Zac made a run to the dump. Luke stayed and worked until about 800pm, at which point I went in to eat dinner. We watched part of a totally boring UNC game and went to Home Depot at halftime to get a sheet of plywood and some brackets to make a shelf over the new lathe. I came back out and hung it and the light fixture, finishing up with Caroline's help at about 1100pm. Good day overall.

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