Wednesday, March 26, 2008

26 Mar 08

Another high production day today. Ben showed up and resumed work on his glue dispenser while Aaron cleaned up the shop, and I cleaned up the chassis and the part we made yesterday, which was a decent success. When my dad came out, he began sanding the chassis parts as he did yesterday. He and Hunt went to Home Depot to get some parts to hang the wheels on the wall while I disassembled the chassis for sanding. Zac began work to finish fiberglassing in the stiffening panels onto the body mold. Aaron put some new renderings on the website. Ben finished work on his glue dispenser and went out to help Zac until lunchtime. After lunch, I resumed breaking the chassis down to feed parts to my dad, and Aaron came out to help him sand. With 2 air sanders running, plus my occasional air drill inside the shop, the compressor never missed a beat. Ben and Zac went back to fiberglass and finished within a couple of hours. My dad had to hit the road around 4, and Aaron, Ben, Zac and I went out back to clean out our mold storage building to make room for the veneer that we have been storing in the blue room. We worked on that until about 6:15 and made amazing progress. Hunt trimmed up the rear section we made yesterday and managed to salvage it despite some flawed initial veneer trimming. After dinner, I came back out to mount the wheels to the wall. Fortunately, Hunt came up and showed me something I was about to screw up, and everything ran smoothly. I mounted the rear wheels to the wall and called it a night at about 10:20 when the boss lady came out and told me it was time for bed. I guess I will leave the front set on the floor for 1 more night.

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