Sunday, March 23, 2008

23 Mar 08

I pulled a lovely dashboard piece off the mold this morning. It feels good to get that part off the mold in an acceptable fashion. I spent pretty much all day messing with the hat section mold. There are a lot of small details that had to be tied up to get that thing ready to mold. Caroline cut the veneer for it, which included 2 of the dreaded 45degree pieces which much be stitched together. I had to make another air bag from a fire hose, so Hunt and I had to go to the Home Depot to get some fittings for it. I spent a while cutting the end pieces, making the rubber gaskets, and drilling the holes. Hunt put the fitting on, and I checked the bag with soapy water to find no air leaks. I had the NCAA tournament on while I worked, and I saw some real squeakers between Davidson and Georgetown, Texas and Miami, and Memphis and Miss. St., and Tennessee and Butler. The UNC game was an unexciting blowout, but it was a great day of basketball. I wrote up the process for gluing up a part on the hat section mold, and we should be ready to hit it tomorrow. Being as it is Easter, I was unable to get the bolts that I need to hold the straps on the mold down, so we will have to make a run tomorrow. Other than that, as long as our white air bag will work as is, we should be ready to do the hat section.

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