Saturday, March 29, 2008

29 Mar 08

I mounted a woodworking vise to the end of the outfeed table of the Unisaw this morning. I decided to through-bolt it rather than lag bolt it, and it took way, way longer than it should have. Hopefully it will turn out to have been worth it. Ben arrived at 900am and worked on the ramp support for the new shop for most of the morning. It rained, which made his progress slightly slower and significantly more displeasurable. Hunt worked on stiffening our steering wheel slotting device on the radial arm saw and on putting fittings on our glue machine. Caroline and I glued up a piece of plywood in the press to use as a mock steering wheel to allow us to set up the slotting device. Ben totally finished trimming the windows and door after lunch, and they look great. I rewired a plug in the back at Hunt's suggestion to give us a light switch for the lathe overhead light. I also remounted the fixture to the shelf rather than having it hang from chains. Caroline and I went over to watch the UNC game with the Veaseys at about 900pm. Looks like the boys are Final Four bound. Tomorrow, we start the chassis reassembly/gluing process and clean things up in the shop. It is an absolute disaster right now.

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