Wednesday, March 19, 2008

19 Mar 08

This morning, I trimmed up one of the I-beam halves, and Ben and I decided to make one to replace the 2nd one. We had it glued up by about 12:30. Hunt worked on the tool cabinet for a lot of the day. After lunch, Hunt and I went to get some MDF to use for making a new set of lower control arms. The MDF won't actually be used in the part itself, but to take up space in between the platens of the press. Ben worked the 2nd half of the day on making the support tables for the body panel molds, and Aaron came outside to look at the front suspension in our computer model to start to plan out the final details. I fed him with measurements and points until about 6:00, at which point Ben and I covered some things in preparation for rain. After dinner, Caroline and I came back outside and glued up a panel for the lower control arms, and Hunt came down and smushicated it in the press. We were done by about 9:30.

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