Friday, March 14, 2008

14 Mar 08

I ground down some burrs on the I-beam we will use for the next mold this morning, and then Hunt and I went on a quick run to the junkyard for some odds and ends. Ben worked more on welding some reinforcements on our air-bag channel for the mold, and then helped me by welding some legs I cut onto the bottom of the I-beam. I made the mold surfaces from 2X6s and OSB while Ben started cleaning up the rails from our measuring system. I had to make one of the mold surfaces in 2 parts, because the mold has a negative draft and would not be releasable otherwise. I added a couple 2X6s to the feet of the I-beam to give a little more space at the bottom while Ben cleaned up the 2nd rail and finished his air-bag channel reinforcement. Aaron worked on more renderings today and changed the rendering out on the opening page. Looking nice. Luke showed up this evening, and we started mounting the 2 measuring rails to the side of the table. A bit extender wore out on us, and we had to scour Durham to find one after 9:00pm. We made it back to the shop and continued to work, finishing at about 11:30pm. Luke is a trooper; I would have told me to forget it a long time ago.

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