Tuesday, March 18, 2008

18 Mar 08

Hunt and I went to Woodworker's Supply this morning to get a pocket drill jig and some #10 biscuits to keep Ben busy on the tool cabinet first thing this morning. We pulled the sister part to the front suspension I-beam that we glued up yesterday, and it was a moderate success. I glued up some flat pieces to tie the 2 pieces together to form the I-beam, and Ben and Aaron came out to help me get it held down. We used our standard air-bag, I-beam, U-clamps technique seen in the leaf spring and many other areas. Hunt came back up after lunch and worked with Ben on the faceframe of the tool cabinet for most of the remainder of the day. Luke came out, and he and I worked on the hat section mold for the rear suspension. We glued up the last MDF chunks that we will have to dimension for use in the mold and glued up 2 new hold-down curtains for use in the mold. Luke left at about 7:30, and I came inside to eat and do some computer work. One of these tasks is among my favorites; the other not so much. I will let you guess which is which.


glenwood said...

I agree, eating is overrated.

Good to read and see that everything is coming along. How was Bong's class visit?

Joe said...

Bong's class visit went great. We had pizza, so what's not to like? It was good to see Bong, as always. Wood Magazine is coming in 2 weeks or so to do part of their exclusive feature on us. Hopefully we will get the cover. Come on out and see us when you get time.