Friday, March 7, 2008

07 Mar 08

Ben, Luke and I disassembled the chassis first thing this morning. We needed to get the small chassis table out to the shop to finish the new larger one, and it was pouring rain. At about 10:30, we finished taking the chassis apart and brought in the rest of our steel and set about finishing the new chassis table. Ben was on the plasma cutter while I welded. Luke helped grind and fit. Zac finished a few ends in the new shop and painted the floor. Aaron worked on more computer renderings which our turning out really nice. Luke and Zac split at around 4:00, and Ben stayed until we finished the metalwork part of the table, which was at about 5:45. I layed out 4 sheets of 3/4" tongue-and-groove OSB so that everything was square and went in to eat. I came back out and countersunk some self-drilling metal screws to attach the OSB to our table. Next, I put down 4 sheets of pegboard, of which I had to trim the edges to get a continuous pattern of 1" hole spacing.


Anonymous said...

What kind of wood did you use in building that one of a kind supercar...??

Anonymous said...

Can't believe that wood can withstand the overall weight of a car.

If it is, then that's a pretty hardwood and pretty light-weight car...!! -Dirk