Saturday, March 22, 2008

22 Mar 08

I got back to work on the dashboard mold this morning. I needed to sand out the body filler some more and work on the radius at the top of the mold. Ben arrived and dove directly into working on the fiberglass body mold supports, which he basically continued on all day long. He only took breaks to eat and watch his Blue Devils lose to WVU. After everyone ate lunch at the airport, Caroline cut some veneer while I welded some steel brackets for the hat section mold. We finished at about the same time and glued a new dashboard with help from Ben to put the heavy mold into the vacuum bag. We finished this at about 2:30. Ben went back to work on the body mold stiffeners, and I helped Hunt on a few odds and ends on the steering wheel slotting fixture and began to get the hat section mold together. Ben stayed until almost 8:30 working on the body mold. I hope we can get the hat section mold ready to roll tomorrow. That is going to be one killer layup.

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