Sunday, March 30, 2008

30 Mar 08

I mounted another shelf over the new lathe this morning. I also hung a storage cabinet/table to the wall next to the door. We moved the computer and the phone over to this area and away from the tablesaw. Hunt worked on mounting a router and a cross-slide vice to the new lathe, allowing for precision cuts. It is really a sweet setup. Ben came in around lunchtime and worked on the doors for the new building. Aaron showed up shortly thereafter and starting cleaning up a little bit. When Ben got to a stopping point, he and Aaron hung the air conditioner in the hole we had framed out for it. The guys left, and Hunt and I went about testing the fixture for cutting the slots in the steering wheel. Hunt made a bunch of test cuts in the wheel that Caroline and I had glued up a day or 2 ago until he got the right diameter of wheel left over. We broke for dinner, and I watched Davidson lose a heartbreaker to Kansas in the NCAA tournament. I hated that. I came out and started organizing the shop. It was in need of some hardcore help. I worked on that until about 10:45pm while Hunt worked on the wheel slots. Tomorrow, we finalize our new glue system and reassemble the chassis. Plus, clean up a lot more, which is always fun.


glenwood said...

Man, making a jig is one thing, but modifying your radial arm saw like that for one part? That's commitment!

Joe said...

That's how we do, Glenwood. You know. ;)