Thursday, March 13, 2008

13 Mar 08

Hunt and I went out to get some supplies this morning while Zac and Ben worked on the new shop. When we came back, I started working on our next mold, which is for a brace that runs between the front wheel wells. After lunch, Zac began to set 7 more posts in concrete around the new shop. 5 were for a ramp to the front door, and 2 were to make the 2 lean-to roofs meet in a corner. Caroline cut the veneer for the new part. I made a curtain out of roofing rubber that will be used to pull the radii down on the new part, and Ben welded up a channel that will hold the airbag for the new mold. Luke and Hunt worked on the press, cleaning it up, mounting the guards, and getting it totally ready to run. Aaron worked on more renderings today. After dinner, I went back outside to weld some brackets onto an I-beam that will allow the curtain to pull down over the mold. Hunt came up to check me out and give me a couple pointers.

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