Sunday, March 2, 2008

02 Mar 08

This morning, Hunt and I cleaned up the fiberglass mess from the last week and painted on a coat of polyester resin to remove the sticky layer of uncured resin from laying the fiberglass. We then applied some tessellated balsa ribbing for stiffness that will require 1 final layer of chopped strand mat tomorrow.
We spent some time getting the master mold and its table lifted off the floor. We ended up lag-bolting some L-brackets to the side of the table and clamping an I-beam to them, which we lifted with a farm jack and a floor jack. We put some jackstands underneath and are ready to attach some wheels tomorrow. We have to get the body master mold out of there somehow, and we figured the best way to do it would be to make it into a trailer, essentially. Hopefully we will get the chopped strand mat on there tomorrow, and maybe have the mold ready to roll out.

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