Thursday, March 6, 2008

06 Mar 08

Hunt and I went to the Home Depot first thing this morning to get some flooring for the new shop and some trim for the edge where the wall meets the ceiling. Ben and Luke were already hard at work on fixing the axle when we got back. Ben and Zac went to work on putting in the floor and the trim in the new building while Luke and I mounted the wheels and the axle to the chassis table. Hunt came up while we were working, and we brought it on up to the blue room. After we brought it up, Zac went to work grinding the flanges on the fiberglass body molds while Ben, Luke and I worked on welding up the new chassis table around the scissors lift. Ben and I worked on until 9pm to get to the stopping point we wanted. Tomorrow, we should be able to finish it. Aaron worked until about 10:15 on a new rendering, which is the hotness. We are going to keep it under wraps for a little while, though. Sorry.

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