Wednesday, March 5, 2008

05 Mar 08

This morning, I welded up the trailer tongue and mounted it underneath the front end of the master mold. We finally were able to get the mold out of the blue room. Luke, Ben, Zac and I then went down to Hunt's to begin preparing the chassis table to bring down to the blue room to take the place of the master mold. By lunchtime, we had jacked the chassis table up, removed the scissors lift from under it, and brought the scissors lift down to the blue room. Hunt got the top platen attached to the press using his custom brackets and the forklift. We decided to make an axle to attach under the chassis table that would allow us to bring it down to the blue room, so Hunt and I went to J&D Recyclers to see what we could find. For the rest of the day, Luke worked on aligning the 2 platens on the press; Zac worked on patching a few spots and coating the entire master mold with a coat of polyester resin; and Ben and I worked on welding and fabricating the axle and tongue for the chassis table. We got a lot done on it, and should have the chassis table up here sometime tomorrow at our leisure. Aaron is really making some progress with our renderings. We should have something in the next few days.

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