Wednesday, March 12, 2008

12 Mar 08

Today, Hunt and I started off the morning by going to get a regulator for the new little TIG welder. When we got back, Ben and Zac had started working on the corrugated tin siding on the front of the new building. I worked on the chassis some more, getting some various odds and ends brought up to the blue room. Right after lunch, Hunt and I went to see our buddies at Durham Brazing and Welding to get a piece of stainless bent to fit our front upper suspension tower. John had it bent in no time, and we came back to the shop, at which point I started reassembling the front of the chassis. I also cut the legs off our I-beam table, and Hunt welded a new axle onto it while I worked on the chassis. After dinner, I came out and put the driver's side suspension back in place, and Hunt came up and checked it out. Caroline came home from New York by about 9:30, and I was tired, so we called it for the day.

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