Tuesday, March 4, 2008

03 Mar 08

Full steam ahead today. Luke, Ben, Zac and I all worked on the master mold most of the day. We applied more stiffening strips of tessellated balsa and laid a coat of chopped strand mat over the nose and tail sections for stiffness. Tomorrow we will finish the balsa on the sides and coat with chopped strand mat. The mold is so close to leaving the room, and we are itching to get it out of there, literally, from all the fiberglass work. We also had a visit from David from NC State, who took some pictures of the team and asked me some questions about our car. Hunt helped us with our mold work and started fab on the axles that we will use to get the master mold out of the garage. Aaron worked on the computer model all day again today. Zac stayed late, and Ben stayed especially late tonight with me out in the blue room. We were getting a lot done, so it was much appreciated. After they left, I went inside, had dinner and went to work on an article on the Tesla for Orange.co.uk It is my 3rd piece for them and was a lot of fun to write. Bed time.

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