Monday, March 31, 2008

31 Mar 08

I organized the shop some more this morning with a big day ahead. Ben disassembled a broken compressor to salvage the tank while I picked up Hunt from dropping his car off. Caroline, Aaron, Ben, and Zac were all cleaning like mad all morning while Hunt worked on the glue dispenser. I removed the tunnel from the table took all the pieces off of it, and Hunt and I used a router with a follower bit to trim the edges square and straight. Hunt and I glued a piece of plywood to the top of the steering rack mount that will raise the rack about 1/2" and help us clear the leaf spring with the steering column. Aaron, Ben and Zac worked on some table legs and trimming out the A/C for the rest of the day. I masked off the areas on the cabin walls not to be glued to the tunnel and drilled some holes for rivets all along the glue edge. Hunt and I glued and riveted the tunnel to the cabin walls with epoxy using Hunt's new glue dispenser. The dispenser worked well, and, despite a bad batch of rivets, Hunt and I successfully glued the pieces together. The rivets are used only for pressure on the bond line, not for strength in the final piece. Tomorrow, we will attach some more.

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