Sunday, March 9, 2008

09 Mar 08

I woke up this morning and finished up screwing the pegboard down. I also mounted 8 electrical boxes on the sides. Hunt and I went to the Home Depot to get some sandpaper and a wire brush so that I could clean up the sides to prepare them for paint. I spent about 2 hours sanding, brushing, cleaning and masking. After, I went down to Hunt's and helped him clean up some of the mess from the Splinter and came back to my place and did the same. Luke and his dad came by, and it was really good to see Mr. Jenkins. They didn't stay very long, and Hunt and I went back to the Home Depot to get some wiring and conduit to wire the boxes with. I finished cleaning up the blue room and went in to eat. After dinner, I came back out and painted the edges of the new table to let it dry over night.

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