Monday, March 17, 2008

17 Mar 08

We pulled a good part off the mold this morning. We were happy with our success, but decided to make a new curtain from sandpaper rather than rubber. I took the old one apart, and Ben helped me glue up 2 new ones with urethane glue when he showed up. We cleaned up the shop a little bit in preparation for Bong's arrival, who was bringing his class out for a field trip to see the car. The guys and girls really seemed to like everything we showed them, and everyone stayed for pizza until about 1245. When they left, Ben and I set about gluing up the sister part to the one we made yesterday. We had it under pressure within an hour or so, and I feel pretty sure that it is also a good one. Ben started work on the tool cabinet he is going to build for us, and I helped him plane down some oak boards. He also made a box to lift the jointer off the ground while Hunt and I went to get some screws for the radial arm saw table. When we got back, I set about flushing the table with the adjacent infeed/outfeed tables while Ben dimensioned some wood for his cabinet. We called it quits for the day at around 8pm.

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