Tuesday, March 25, 2008

25 Mar 08

The team was in gear this morning. I put together a sanding table for the old man, and he sanded parts all stinking day. He seemed to particularly enjoy the places where he had to scrape glue off the outer skins, but he never mentioned it. Hunt spent most of his day working on the radial arm saw fixture that will allow us to slot the steering wheel. Ben worked on his glue system, and Zac cleaned up the pieces to the hat section mold. Ben and Zac brought the body molds back up from the airport, and Zac started fiberglassing the supports that Ben worked on last week. Ben left early, but Luke showed up and helped Aaron and me glue up a new rear section of the chassis. We made one of these already, but weren't satisfied with it. I hope we will be satisfied with this one. Hunt, Aaron, Luke and I looked at the routing of the steering column for a while, which is going to be extremely tight. We also got a visit from Zac's dad and his C6 Z06. He kept us entertained while we spread glue for the rear section, and it was good to see him as usual. Hunt and I glued some stops on the steering wheel slotting jig, and then he and my dad talked about airplanes and 50s cars for a while as the day wound down.

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