Saturday, March 8, 2008

08 Mar 08

We decided to refine the table a little bit. Looking junkyard can be cool, but this looked a little too junkyard. So, for the sake of irony, we went to the junkyard and got some pieces to remedy the situation. I took the pegboard off and started to put down some stainless flashing and black roofing felt. The roofing felt shimmed the pegboard to the same height as the flashing. I also welded some angle iron onto the corners to clean them up. Ben came in at around lunchtime with some pizza, which he and I ate, along with Aaron, who came in to work on some renderings.
After lunch, Ben and I finished up the fitment of the stainless and began to work underneath the table. We screwed plywood to the underside of the table, which added an incredible amount of stiffness to the structure. Right before Ben left at 7, we remounted the pegboard, aligned in such a manner that the holes maintain an even pattern from panel to panel. We ate some dinner, put down some screws into the pegboard, and broke to watch the UNC/Duke game. I came out at halftime and put some more screws down, but after the game, I was too exhausted to sink any more. Tomorrow, I need to finish screwing the pegboard down, mount and wire some electrical boxes, grind down some screws, and paint the metal frame. We will have a seriously nice table soon. Now, off to bed.

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