Friday, February 29, 2008

29 Feb 08

I was out of the shop all day today. I had to go to Atlantic Veneer in Beaufort, NC, to get a load of backer boards from Jack and Rusty. Backer boards are the thick piece left over from slicing logs into veneer. I had a few minutes before Robert was able to get the forklift going, so I was able to marvel at the Merritt vacuum veneer slicer they had going. By about 2pm, Big Red was loaded up, strapped in, and ready to roll with another megaload of wood.
I got back to the shop at around 605pm. Hunt, Ben and Zac were working on a layer of fiberglass on the nose of the master mold. I took the wood down to Hunt's hanger at the airport to store it until we are ready to unload it. A lot of it is green and needs to be dried before use, so we will have to sticker it, which is a pain. The tongue was so heavy on the trailer that I had to get Zac to bring a bigger lever to help me pry it off with. He and Ben looked pretty beat and headed out for the night. They are going to come in tomorrow at 1pm to finish up the fiberglass so that we can let it cure for a day before pulling it on Monday. Aaron worked on putting the textures on the computer model all day and was glad to see the weekend finally arrive.

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