Thursday, February 14, 2008

14 Feb 08

Rejoice, rejoice. We sprayed the rest of the body master mold today. The spray showed me a few imperfections, but nothing I can't deal with. After, Hunt and I went to the Home Depot and got some OSB and insulation for Ben and Zac to use on the inside of the new shop. After we got back, the body filler spray was still tacky, so I cut some pieces of scrap OSB to use to fill in the front driver's side wheel well to make it easier to pull our fiberglass mold off of it.
When we start making our fiberglass molds, we want to uninstall our measuring device, so there are a few items that I need to deal with first. I ripped and planed a bunch of the redwood 4X4's that I used to make the entire body master mold with. We then took them to our buddies at Curvemakers to borrow their finger joint machine. I finger jointed the ends of each of these boards and brought them back to our shop. Here we jointed 1 edge and ripped the other edge on the table saw. With help from Luke, I layed the pieces out and glued them up into a shape big enough to carve the front wing out of. Aaron worked on the 3D remodel of the body on the computer, and Ben and Zac worked on the ceiling of the new shop, and the roofers came out and shingled the entire roof in 45 minutes. We expected speed, but this was pretty dang impressive.
After dinner, I came back out and planed the entire glued-up panel to give me a clean, smooth and flat surface to start from. Then I layed out the points for the beveled wing reveal that we carved into our body mold over a month ago and cut the panel down roughly to size. It really looks awful as a flat panel, so I am anxious to shape it tomorrow. This will not, by the way, be the final front wing, but only a mold or a guide, depending on how we decide to build it.

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Matthew said...

I really admired your teams perseverance. Just continue to be strong. you can do it! your goal tells it so.