Thursday, February 21, 2008

21 Feb 08

This morning, Hunt and I went to High Point to see Steve Thayer of Thayercraft to get some fiberglass, and we also saw Steve Kurtzman of Fiberglass Moulding and Engineering to get another drum of unpromoted fiberglass resin. It was good to see these guys again, but we didn't get back until almost 2pm, so it took up a huge chunk of the day. Aaron worked on the computer model most of the day and took some photos of the master mold. Zac got the new building painted on the inside and helped Luke glue up some more MDF chunks for the hat section mold for the rear suspension. Luke and Zac also took down our trusty measuring system, which we won't be needing for a while and would get in our way during our upcoming fiberglass crusade.
Interesting news today about a trailing arm that our buddy, John McCrory of Aurora Bearing, tensile tested for us. It took 17,500lbs to break it, and when it did break, it was at the weld on the stainless cup that encapsulates the end. We suspect that the 3/4" rod end, which has a rating of 25,000lbs, would have gone next. Neither the wood nor our wood-to-metal bond showed any signs of breakage whatsoever. This is really an awesome finding which has us excited, but not necessarily surprised.

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