Tuesday, February 5, 2008

05 Feb 08

More work on the side of the body mold, as usual. We will be fiberglassing the mold by the weekend if all continues to go well. I have to go to Atlanta again tomorrow, otherwise it would be finished sooner. Aaron, Ben, and Zac made all the trusses for the new building. Maybe tomorrow they will have them going up. Luke came out this afternoon and got the ball rolling on the hat section for the rear suspension. He cleaned off the press, collected some pieces that we already made for the hat section mold, and strategized with Hunt. Tom Boyd from Staubli came out today to give me some literature on their air jac system. We are looking at using this to lift the car off the ground to unload the leaf springs. After dinner, I came back out and worked on the driver's side window. Now I am going in to pack and go to sleep.

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