Saturday, February 2, 2008

02 Feb 08

I worked on the body mold for most of the morning. I think I should be ready to skim the flank with body filler by around lunchtime tomorrow. That is my goal, anyway. The big story of today was of the butterfly panel. We wove and glued down a skin on the underside of the piece that went extremely well from what we can tell. We will know more in the morning when we pull it out of the vacuum bag. Our buddy Doug Kirven stopped by and got suckered into helping us. We got a pretty decent system going after a while. We first spread epoxy onto the surface of the butterfly panel. We then spread epoxy on both sides of the strips, weaving as we went, one at a time right on the butterfly panel. We had planned to spray the epoxy through an HVLP gun and pressure pot system, but we started rolling it on manually and just stuck with it. We will probably spray the next one just to try it. After spreading all the epoxy evenly around on the woven strips, we stapled the strips together around the outside to help hold them in place. It was pretty normal from there; we covered the layer with 4mil polyethylene film, put our screen on, slid it in the the bag and vacuumed away. After finishing, Caroline, Hunt and I went out to eat at Neyda's (our friend from Home Depot) restaurant. When we came back, I worked on the body mold for another hour and a half, and now I am calling it a night.

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