Friday, February 1, 2008

01 Feb 08

More body mold work today. I got the rear section of the driver's flank symmetrical with respect to the passenger's side and skimmed in body filler. The only major surface left is the driver's door area. I hope to get symmetry in that surface tomorrow so that I can skim it in body filler and begin blocking it. Hunt and Aaron collaborated to design the trusses for the new building in a cad-type program, and Ben and Zac cut all the pieces. Ben and Zac left early because the weather was 35F and raining most of the day, but Aaron worked on the website and stayed. I am beat, so I am going to bed early tonight with hopes of hitting the door area of the flank hard tomorrow. We may also try to apply a layer of woven veneer for the first time to the underside of the passenger's butterfly panel. It will be exiting to see if that works.

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