Thursday, February 28, 2008

28 Feb 08

We realized today that we get an extra day to get the car finished by the deadline. Leap year must be a sign that a timely completion is in the cards for us. This morning, I applied the superfine body filler to the fillets on the nose of the master mold in preparation for our first layer of chopped strand mat. Zac showed up, and he and I had a layer on the rear end by lunchtime. Hunt sprung for pizza, which turned out to be a mistake, since he ended up taking the blame when Brownie didn't get any. I am still not sure if Brownie is talking to Hunt again or not yet, but it will blow over.
After lunch, Zac and I got back to work on the fiberglass. Soon after we were back to work, Luke showed up and helped us. We got a second layer on the back and a first layer on the front, finishing up by about 645. Aaron worked on the renderings of the computer model until about 730 in machinelike fashion.

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