Thursday, February 21, 2008

20 Feb 08

More mold work today. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked this morning, because I was bombarded with emails and media requests. We sprayed another coat of body filler right after lunch. While it was drying, Hunt and I went to see Aaron's dad, Greg Nace, who is the director of the Duke Botanical Gardens. We had a talk with him about bamboo that was quite informative. It is really awesome stuff.
Aaron worked on the computer model. He put radii between a lot of the surfaces today, which was a major step. Maybe tomorrow he can get the butterfly panels rolling.
Ben and Zac finished hanging the OSB in the new building and painted a coat of primer on the ceiling and walls. I went out after eating dinner and watching the UNC/NCSU game to smooth out the bottom edge all the way around the mold and to smooth out the wheel/tire area of the mold. This will make a nicer looking fiberglass mold and an easier release. Tomorrow, we are really going to try to get some gel coat down. The surfaces are almost ready- we will sand with 220grit and fix a few tiny problems. Then we have to coat the mold with 3-4 coats of release wax and spray our gel coat. Then comes fun with fiberglass. Joy.

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