Friday, February 8, 2008

08 Feb 08

I worked on the rear quarter panel this morning. I found it to be about 5/8" wide, so I ground it down. This was officially the last surface on the body mold that hadn't been roughed in. After working on that some this morning, focus shifted to figuring out how to put on the final layer of cherry veneer to the butterfly panel we have made. I pulled some cherry backer boards that we have been drying since we got them from our buddies at Atlantic Veneer, and after lunch, we took the boards to Curvemakers where we used their computer-controlled panel saw to rip a straight edge into them. We brought them back to the shop and used our little Delta 13" planer to dimension them to 1/8" thickness. This planer has rubber feed rollers and is our weapon of choice for working with backer board, which we typically plane very thin. After planing this, I spent a few hours eating dinner and leveling the table saw and its outfeed table, connecting them, and mounting the top on the outfeed table. Ben and Zac worked on the new building all day today. They made the 2 gable-end trusses, mounted them, and came close to getting ready to put the OSB up for the roof. They may come out tomorrow and knock it out. Aaron worked on learning a new rendering program all day today, and I think he is just about ready to roll on remodeling the body.

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