Friday, February 22, 2008

22 Feb 08

Hunt and I went to see our buddies at Tramway Veneer this morning. Tim had clipped some cherry into 1/4" strips for us, and we went to pick it up. We are going to try to weave this into a fabric and use it with the resin infusion process. We are glad to have Tramway helping us out.
We got back to the shop at about 2pm. Ben and Zac were almost finished hanging and wiring the lights in the new building, and Aaron was working on the computer model. I sanded the master mold some more to remove some minor surface imperfections. Then, we taped the areas where we will have seams in the fiberglass mold and began making the flanges. We decided to use plastic, corrugated sign board to make the flanges and began cutting and fitting them.
Caroline and I came back out after dinner and got the passenger's side basically done. We made a skirt that goes all the way to the ground to extend the surface of our mold. Tomorrow, we will finish the other side and hopefully spray some gelcoat.

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