Tuesday, February 26, 2008

26 Feb 08

This morning, Hunt and I mixed some styrene monomer into polyester resin in preparation for the day's work. Then, I began to spread a thin coat of body filler on the surface of yesterday's fabmat layer. This smoothed out the surface of the coarse top layer of woven roving from the fabmat, resulting in less air underneath the next layer we were to apply. Ben and Zac worked on wiring in the outlets and switches in the new building while Aaron and I worked on some details of the computer model together. Soon, Aaron will be ready to start rendering the model and produce more accurate, refined images than those that are currently displayed throughout the site. That will be nice, as we have never really been happy with the first version, as it did not display the surfaces correctly, especially in the subtle areas.
After lunch, Ben and Zac came out and started getting ready to glass. They helped me finish the body filler skin coat and started applying the fabmat. Today, they tried pre-empregnating the glass with resin on a table before bringing it to the mold. It seemed to work well, since blotting resin is easier on a horizontal table at waist height than on a vertical surface that starts at the ground.. Luke showed up and pitched in, and we finished both sides by about 730pm. Ben and Zac stuck around to the bitter end.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if you can even get insurance on this woody. Last time I checked, the automobile industry abandoned wood after WW2 because it is not very durable. In fact, it is a lot worse than steel. If you want light weight, you should have used carbon fibre.

Strength aside, how dangerous is it to park the car outdoors? Since there isn't any metal, there is no Faraday cage to protect the car from turning into ashes by a lightning hit.