Friday, February 15, 2008

15 Feb 08

I filled in the hole in the roof of the body mold this morning. Having this as one large surface on our molds will give us more flexibility in making our panels. I also fixed a point on the crease in the driver's side flank. The master body mold is essentially done. I will fix a few minor details tomorrow, then we will spray a few areas with body filler and hit it with gel coat in preparation for the fiberglass molds.
After lunch, I brought in a defect windshield that we had cut which had a few hairline cracks but was very close to the right shape. We compared this to the windshield frame on the body mold and found it to be very close. Tomorrow, I will work on fitting the windshield to the body. I might reinforce our old fiberglass layup of the windshield and use it for a template. We shall see.
Aaron got the flanks above the crease pretty much finished today in the computer 3D model, and he got a lot done on the front fenders. I am really pleased with the way this new model is beginning to turn out. Ben and Zac put up the ceiling in the new shop and added the ridge vent to the roof. It won't be too long before we are ready to roll in there.

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