Saturday, February 23, 2008

23 Feb 08

This morning, we prepared the mold some more for gelcoat. I sanded the whole thing with 320grit, using a very minimal amount of glazing putty to improve the surface as I went. We then waxed the surface 3 times and masked off the table and the part of the master mold not to be sprayed.
Right after lunch, we sprayed gelcoat on the passenger's side. Caroline and I worked some more on the driver's side, repeating the process from the passenger's side, ate dinner, and had the driver's side ready to spray at about 900pm, at which time Hunt came up and sprayed it with PVA release film and then gelcoat. It feels so good to have the gelcoat on the mold. Hopefully, the gelcoat won't shrink overnight and give us premature release.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great, Keep up the good work!