Monday, February 18, 2008

18 Feb 08

Another glass cutting day today. Hunt and I went to the Home Depot to get a piece of shower pan liner to use to mask the windshield off. When we returned, I cut the liner to size and taped it to the windshield like yesterday. After cutting all the way around on the top side, we noticed several small hairline cracks. We think they came from me holding the sandblaster nozzle too close to the glass, resulting in a narrower cut and probably less surface area available for energy dissipation.
We decided that we could use the windshield as a template for fitting, so I glued blocks across the cut, flipped the glass over, masked the underside, and cut it again. Our fears from yesterday were allayed, as this glass fits much better than the Chrysler piece. The only problem is that tomorrow, I have to try to cut another one. Without breaking it.
Aaron worked on the computer model most of the day after making a run to get some sand, and Ben and Zac insulated the walls of the new shop and began hanging the OSB on the interior walls.

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