Saturday, February 16, 2008

16 Feb 08

Caroline and I started the day by making a run to buy a 40lb sandblaster tank and 500lbs of extra fine silica. We are going to try to sandblast our windshield to size. We got back at around lunchtime, at which point I gave a short tour of the shop and the project to a young guy named Jeremiah and his "Big Brother", Chris. We had a good time. After the tour, I put the sandblaster together while watching the UNC/VaTech game, which was a rout.
After the assembly, I began fine sanding the body master mold with 80grit paper. During the sanding, I watched NCState make an exciting comeback against Clemson only to blow it in the last couple minutes. Weekends are great workdays this time of year in ACC land. I had to take a few microscopic lumps out of the driver's side as I worked, but the fine sanding revealed that the surfaces were mostly excellent, which was a relief. After going in to eat, I worked for about 2 more hours, and the driver's side is almost ready for the gelcoat prep. We may spray another layer of body filler before the gelcoat, but I am not sure whether we will need it yet.

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