Wednesday, February 27, 2008

27 Feb 08

The end is in site for the body master mold. As much as I have grown to love her, I am ready to see her get the heck out of the blue room. We tore off our flange reinforcements and masking paper from the table and center section of the master mold this morning. Ben and I spent most of the day sanding and prepping the surfaces for gelcoat. Zac came out early in the afternoon and helped us, and Aaron came out after a day of working on the computer model and helped us apply 3 coats of wax to the surfaces to be sprayed. After the guys left, Hunt sprayed a PVA film, and we broke for dinner. Hunt came back up after eating, and we had the gelcoat on and the gun cleaned by about 1030. We are ready to start glassing the last surfaces tomorrow. With any luck, we will be done Friday.

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