Tuesday, July 1, 2008

01 Jul 08

I ground epoxy out of the windshield slot this morning and worked on fitting the opening, and Ben put a layer of fabmat on the chin mold. Luke worked on the tensioning mechanism for the loom, and I figured out what adjustments needed to be made to fix the mold for the side air intake. I also glued the pieces together that I bandsawed last night for the roof intake mold. Sean came out and started trimming and fitting pieces for the steering wheel. He used a machined piece of steel with a 1" steel rod in it to hold the spokes upright while he sanded them. Aaron and Caroline worked on drawing in the loom again, and Ben worked on the trailer. After lunch, I put the side intake mold adjustments in place. We ripped some wedges, which I nailed down and covered with MDF to change the angle. I also added 6" of length to the short leg of the bend and enlarged the radius some at the top. I cut out the brake ducts next. I made a template to transfer the hole to the other side and a small mold from a piece of polystyrene foam to serve as the trim for it. After dinner, I made a similar mold for the other side. Caroline and Kendal worked on making some pieces for a new version of the clothespin tensioning system that we used on the 1/4" material. There is an outside chance that the crew could be weaving tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed.

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