Wednesday, July 23, 2008

23 Jul 08

I started work on fitting the roof scoop this morning. I got it pretty well fitted, but held off to make a firm decision on how to blend it into the roof on the front edge. Zach and Zac made a dump run and started weaving 1/8" veneer with a directional change for use on the roof. Ben worked on the trailer, and Luke printed out the hole patterns for the seats. Hunt worked on fitting a new vacuum pump to an old compressor tank that we had. I spent the morning cutting, fitting and staining a piece of veneer for the nose of the car. It worked out well, because I was able to use the scrap from the hood lay-up from last night. Ben helped me glue it and bag it, and we were finished by about 1:30pm. After lunch, Caroline and DP sanded the body to prepare it for skinning, and Ben went back to work on the trailer. Zach and Zac finished up their 1/8" roof weave and slit some material for the 1/4" loom. They wove 1/4" material for the rest of the afternoon. DP and Caroline went to work laying up balsa on the inside of the interior body panel while Hunt and I went out to look at sealing up the rims. Ben helped me organize the weave that we have to work with then went to help DP glue infuse the balsa onto his part. Hunt, Caroline and I worked on sorting the weave for the front fenders. I made paper patterns of the panels to optimize the usage of the material. We worked on this until about 9:00pm and went inside to eat. After dinner, Caroline and I came back out and prepared the necessary materials to glue the front fender skins on first thing in the morning. I feathered the underlapping layers with a DA sander until about 11:15pm as the rain came down outside the lean-to. We need to get a lot of skins glued on tomorrow, but we have a good headstart on them now.

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