Tuesday, July 22, 2008

22 Jul 08

4 weeks. 4 weeks from today, we will have the car on a trailer heading to Atlanta for the IWF show. Fortunately, we only have about 4 months worth of work to do between now and then. Caroline and I did a trial over our stained weave this morning. We tried 2 different epoxy resins and a polyester resin for clarity and color before decided on 1 of the epoxies. Zach and Zac went to the dump while Ben weedate at Hunt's place. Hunt and I went to the junkyard to get some steel for Ben to use on the trailer, and Luke showed up and started fitting the hole template sheets on the seat frames. Caroline and I cut and stained a piece of weave to cover one of the interior body panel molds while Ben, Zac and Zach wove. After lunch, Caroline and I vacuum bagged the interior body panel. There were a couple minor wrinkles in the part, but I think it will work out ok. She and I went to sanding the hood area of the car to get it ready for the final skin weave application. While we waited on the weave, Luke and I took a tire up to JT's tire place to ask some advice on how to seal them. Ben, Zach and Zac continued to weave until about 6:00pm, at which point they had generated enough to cut off and use for the hood of body shell. Everyone headed out, and Ben and I trimmed, stained and vacuum bagged the final layer of weave to the hood. I hate to risk putting the jinx on things, but I feel like it went on almost perfectly. We finished at around 9:00pm and went in to eat. We need to get some more weave on the shell. I hope we can get it all on this week, which is setting a lofty but attainable goal.

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