Thursday, July 17, 2008

17 Jul 08

I did more body work on the body shell this morning, mostly focusing on the front fender lines. Ben went to work infusing the balsa onto the roof scoop. Zac and Jean finished up the 1/4" cherry in the pink room, and Zach, Kendal, and Caroline wove 1/8" veneer. Hunt worked on finishing the front wing, and Luke worked on sanding the seat frames. Luke built a router table, and Hunt used it to rout the inside of the seat frames. I taped off and protected the front windshield to prepare for fitting it. After lunch, Ben pulled the glue into the roof scoop while Zach, Zac, and DP spooled 1/8" veneer. I fit the windshield and the 2 quarter windows using a grinder and some body filler. DP and Ben infused the backs onto the brake duct molds while Zac started getting the dash tie-in mold ready to infuse. At about 7:45pm, Zac, DP, Ben and I started to infuse the glue into the balsa for the dash tie-in mold. The guys stayed with me until about 9:00pm, and I added a few glue lines and got the part saturated by around 10:30pm. I went in to eat and go to sleep after a long day.

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