Tuesday, July 15, 2008

15 Jul 08

I put body filler on the body shell outside this morning for a couple of hours. Zac showed up first and picked up trash in the back, pulled the roof scoop out of the bag, and mixed some styrene and cobalt naphthenate into polyester resin. Zach, Kendal, and Caroline wove 1/8" veneer for most of the morning until they ran out of spools to change out at about lunchtime. One side of the roof scoop must have had a bad mix of resin, because it never cured, meaning we will have to redo that part. I waxed, PVA'd and taped the tail mold so that we can glue infuse a giant chunk of balsa onto it that will be made into taillight trim. Luke prepared to vacuum bag a walnut layer onto the top of the seats, and I helped him get one into the bag right before lunch. After lunch, Zac and Zach wove 1/4" cherry in the pink room while Kendal, Caroline and her mom worked on the 1/8" machine. I put more body filler on the shell, and Ben worked on the glue infusion of the tail balsa. We pulled the polyester resin into the balsa at about 7:00pm while Zac and Zach wound veneer strips on spools made from CDs that Hunt put together this afternoon. Zac and Zach wound 38 spools of veneer, and Ben and I got the glue infusion done on the 4" thick balsa chunk by about 9:00pm. I went in to eat and came back out to check on the part, which was still doing fine. I am going to call it a little early tonight at about 10:30pm to catch up after a few long nights in a row.

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