Saturday, July 26, 2008

25 Jul 08

Caroline and I started the morning off by working on gluing down the 2nd front quarter panel, and Ben took over for her when he showed. Everything went well, and we had it glued down pretty quickly. Ben worked on the trailer for the rest of the morning, and Luke took the tires down to get them removed from the wheels. 3 have leaks, so we are going to fix them and remount the tires. Zac and Zach had more fun weaving the 1/4" cherry to repair our discolored butterfly panels. Caroline and I started on gluing a piece of weave to one half of the rear decklid. We decided to butt the 2 pieces together on the middle for this piece to be more efficient with the veneer. All but about 1.5" of the center of the panel gets cut out and replaced for the exhaust pipe exits, to the seam only had to be tight in 1 small area. We got both pieces glued down by the end of the day while Hunt spread epoxy on the front of the car to fill in the weave texture. Zac and Zach finished up their weaving and cleaned up around the body shell before taking off. Luke went to see our buddy Glenwood, who laser cut us a bunch of logos in various different woods, grain directions, and sizes. Hunt, Caroline and I picked out where a couple of the logos might go tonight and went in to eat. After dinner, I came back out and put body filler all over the inside surface of the roof scoop panel to smooth it out. Caroline came out and helped me glue a new center section on it, using a black trash can liner as the bag. We finished at about 12:15pm.

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