Monday, July 7, 2008

07 Jul 08

I cleaned up around the shop a little this morning, and Hunt and I redid one of the spool carriages where we couldn't quite get it glued up straight last night. We ended up cutting the glued in pieces out and replacing it with a thin strip of wood that allowed much more adjustability for the width. Zac, Ben and Aaron made a huge run to the dump, carrying off the remainder of the body plug along with a plethora of trash cans. Caroline glued strings to clothespins, and Aaron went to weave the 1/4" walnut. Luke and Zac started going about mounting the spool carriages in the loom room. Zach, who is different from Zac, showed up today and helped Aaron weave. Ben welded up a large steel frame that we will use as a table to set the body shell on. Sean worked on the steering wheel, gluing in the final pieces of the column. I trimmed up and sanded the front wing mold up to 320grit. After lunch, Sean went to work on making an attachment for the wood lathe to turn a wooden acme thread screw which we will use for a headrest column. Luke and Zac continued their work, and Kendal, Zach, Caroline and Jean went back to Meck's hangar to spool some veneer. Hunt widened some spools which didn't come out to tolerance, and Ben and I created some space under the lean-to for the butterfly panel lay-ups as well as the body shell. Everyone headed out around 7:00pm, except Ben, who helped me wax a butterfly panel mold in preparation for tomorrow. We got a good surprise when our friend, Rick Fuller, came up to see us for the first time after being released from the hospital, and we showed him around while Ben finished sanding the edges of the butterfly panel mold. Ben stayed for dinner, and Caroline was busy putting clothespins back together. After dinner, I came back out and cleaned up the roof scoop mold, finishing up at around 11:00pm.

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