Sunday, July 27, 2008

26 Jul 08

I sanded out the edges of the decklid pieces from yesterday, and we started getting ready to fill in the small corners at the back topside of the shell. Caroline and DP helped me glue one down, and DP went inside to resin infuse the last interior body panel while I prepped the other side. We went to the airport for lunch, and I stole a couple ears of corn and some chicken from Charlie on the way home. That was a real lifesaver. After Caroline and I got the 2nd corner glued down, DP had finished his resin infusion. I felt the strength from Charlie's homegrown lunch, and we had a flurry of progress for the rest of the afternoon. We glued both sides on the car, finishing at about 9:15pm. The sides are the biggest, toughest pieces to glue on, so getting both done in 1 afternoon is pretty darn good. Jean cooked chicken and corn on the grille, and we ate after a long day of work.

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