Thursday, July 3, 2008

03 Jul 08

Aaron and I got some walnut veneer down from Hunt's hangar today, and we ran it through a paper shredder to turn it into 1/4" strips. Aaron and Zac took it down to the pink room to weave some cherry for the front wing, and the walnut for the side intake panels. I ground on the front wing buck for a while until Hunt and I went to the glass shop to get some universal windshield molding. I started putting body filler on the front wing buck, continuing the process until lunchtime. Luke and Caroline worked on the tensioning device for the loom, and Ben added stiffeners to the fiberglass molds that he made off the side glass areas on the body. After lunch, I went back to work on the wing, and Ben went to work on the trailer. Caroline and Luke continued work on the loom tensioners for the rest of the day, and Aaron and Zac wove until quitting time. They wove enough cherry for the front wing, and got about 18" of walnut done. I mounted the front wing buck to a piece of OSB, and Hunt and I finished filling and sanding it. After, I surrounded it with a 3" wide polystyrene foam border, which I sanded down to about 1/16" below the surface of the wing and covered with aluminum tape. Lastly, I painted on a coat of polyester resin, which we will sand tomorrow before gel coating. I finished at about 9:45pm.

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