Wednesday, July 2, 2008

02 Jul 08

We had a pretty big day today. I cleaned up the chin mold first thing this morning. Aaron took some trash to the dump and picked up a spare windshield when he got here. Caroline glued up more of the clothespin tensioners. Luke worked on the tensioning mechanism for the loom, and Ben set out to resin infuse the chin piece on the mold I cleaned this morning. Sean started locating the spokes of the steering wheel, ensuring that they were holding the wheel squared and centered on the column. I worked on gluing in some 1" thick, laminated balsa reinforcement beams to the ceiling at the top of the side windows. After lunch, I routed the cherry backer on the side intakes to the right shape and ground the bevel into the body that surrounds the intake. Ben continued work on the resin infusion and was ready to draw resin in by about 3:30pm. I helped him with the resin part of the process, but he didn't really need it. Sean glued the spoked to the column and the steering wheel, and I took the buck for the front wing out and mounted it to the plug to start grinding and shaping. Ben laid some chopped strand mat over one side window to give us a pattern to go by in searching for a piece of glass to use. Caroline glued up a large angle bracket, and I ground on the front wing until about 7:45pm. After dinner, I came back out, cleaned up some stuff, and made some plans with Hunt on what happens next. It was a good day overall; hopefully we keep the momentum going.

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