Monday, July 14, 2008

13 Jul 08

I carved out the front brake duct molds this morning. I sanded them out and painted them with polyester resin, along with the roof scoop mold. Ben set up to glue infuse the bamboo layer on a butterfly panel, and Hunt and I helped him deal with the glue. Once this was a success, Ben and I glued the dash tie-in mold from yesterday together, and Hunt got the big press ready for us to smush it with. We broke for lunch at this point. Ben ground a bevel on the balsa layer on the 2nd butterfly panel and set up to glue infuse it. I sanded the polyestered molds and put another coat over the top. While these were curing, I worked on laying out the taillight cutouts. I went back to sanding the molds again for a while until Ben had the butterfly panel ready to infuse. I helped him with this until about 7:30pm, and he headed out when we finished. We pulled the 1st butterfly panel off the mold, and it really looked incredible. There are some pin holes to fill in with epoxy, but the surface quality is extremely impressive. Hunt went to eat, and I got a piece of weave ready to glue on the roof scoop while I waited for Caroline and her mom to come back from Charlotte. We watched the Next Food Network Star while I ate, and Caroline and I came back outside to glue the piece on the roof scoop mold. It went smoothly, and we finished at about 12:15am.

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