Saturday, July 19, 2008

19 Jul 08

I hacked away at the taillight bezels with a reciprocating saw this morning for a while, after which I fit and glued on a brake duct. I used Daubert's 2-part epoxy and some colloidal silica to strengthen the fillet. DP showed up right as I was finishing this up, and he went to work on glue infusing the cherry weave onto the roof scoop. I worked body filler onto the body shell while he prepped the roof scoop. We pulled a vacuum on the part right before lunch, and we infused the part with glue as soon as we got back. When we finished, we cleaned the area up a bit and started preparing the butterfly panels for their final skin. DP sandblasted the pinholes out of them while I cut and stained the veneer and drilled holes in the panels around the trimline. We both sanded the panels to rough them up for glue and started setting up to glue infuse them. Caroline, Jean and Hunt wove 1/8" veneer while we worked on setting the butterfly panels up. We worked on vacuuming 1 panel until about 8:45pm, but had to give up on it for a compounding number of reasons. We will fix it up in the morning. DP headed out, and I ate dinner. Afterwards, Hunt and I pulled the roof scoop off the mold. It turned out to be killer, so we were pleased. We also mounted the steering wheel to a block which will allow us to turn the column on the wood lathe. Hunt had worked on machining some other pieces for the steering column, so we got this set up to turn in the morning. We called it quits at about 10:40pm. Tomorrow, we hope to get the 1/8" weaving knocked out, along with the final glue infusion on both butterfly panels.

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